Regal Assets is a highly recognized company which offers an array of portfolios. The company’s main focus is of gold, silver and other precious metals, especially bullion, coins and bars. Even though gold and silver are the company’s main assets, it also trades platinum and palladium.

Regal Assets has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since October 30, 2009 and holds an A+ rating with them.


Regal Assets has a 5 Star out of 5 Star rating with TrustLink based on over 900 reviews.×80.jpg

Regal Assets has a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and has been a member since October 30, 2009.

Investment Services
Regal Assets offers precious metal investors the opportunity to purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium in rare and bullion coins and bars. Whether you want them delivered directly to your front door or have them in your individual retirement account. Cash deals with Regal has a minimum $5,000 investment and for retirement account investments, the minimum amount is $10,000.  Regal Assets also offers a variety of preferred packages to meet your investment needs.

For Protection and Security, Regal Assets offers the Merchant and Knighthood Packages:

Merchant Package – $5,000

The Merchant Package that Regal Assets offers is geared towards an individual investor who may be searching for peace of mind and the immediate protection and security that a precious metal investment provides. This account offers the investor the ability to easily liquidate their funds in case of an emergency where one would need immediate access to their capital.

Knighthood Package – $10,000

Looking to protect your family in case of an emergency? Then this package may well suit you. The value of this package is $10,000.00 with the same allocation of gold and silver with the value and investment of $10,000.00.

For Investment and Retirement, Regal offers the Legacy, Kingship, Dynasty and the Coronation Portfolio:

Legacy Portfolio – $25,000

Looking to begin your journey into the world of precious metals? Then the Legacy Portfolio may be just for you. It is designed with various metals that have a growth potential for immediate profits. This package consists of a collection of various metals to insure a healthy return.

Kingship Portfolio – $50,000

Looking to diversify your portfolio holdings into precious metals? The Kingship Portfolio package offers this. The specialists at Regal Assets will design a custom package for you that will protect you from inflation. This portfolio addition will provide stability and growth in areas that other investments you may have currently do not.

Dynasty Portfolio – $100,000

The Dynasty Portfolio is custom designed to support an investor’s retirement plan. This portfolio offers the greatest return, economic uncertainty protection and stability against inflation. This portfolio package will be diversified with precious metals with low risk and on the investor’s desired timeline for access of funds.

Coronation Portfolio – $250,000+

If you are looking for an advanced position with precious metals and long-term wealth building guarantee, then the Coronation Portfolio may be just for you. At the minimum investment of $250,000.00, this portfolio package is designed for the institutional investor and investors with a high net worth.